EnterOffer Marketplace - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a BuyOffer and SellOffer?
A BuyOffer is when a buyer offers the price that they are willing to purchase a product at. Find your favourite product on the Marketplace and place a BuyOffer and we’ll match you with someone who’s willing to sell at that price. A SellOffer is when a seller offers the price that they are willing to sell a product at. Place a SellOffer on the Marketplace and we’ll match you with a buyer who’s willing to buy at that price.

Are there any requirements for uploading images to the Marketplace?

  • Provide images of the actual item for sale lying flat, on a hanger or being worn – natural, unedited photos are best for managing buyer expectations.
  • Provide images of all labels or other important defining features (including but not limited to brand logos, fabric, defects, size, packaging, date codes, holograms, heat stamps).
  • For shoes, provide images of both the inner and outer soles. Likewise, for other products that may have a number of parts, include photos of all aspects of the product.
  • Provide additional images of the front, bottom, corners, and inside of the item.

Are there any products prohibited from being sold in the Marketplace?

The following products cannot be posted on the Marketplace, as either a BuyOffer or a SellOffer:

  • ‘Mystery’ or ‘chance’ items
  • Adult items
  • Alcohol
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Animals and wildlife products
  • Blood, Body Parts and Bodily Fluids, or offers of humans for sale, including offers or requests for adoption or surrogacy
  • Burglary Tools
  • Census or other survey papers issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistic
  • Counterfeit Products, replicas or knock-off brand name goods
  • Credit and debit cards policy
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Electronic Surveillance Equipment
  • Embargoed Goods
  • Endangered or protected species, or any part of any endangered or protected species
  • Fireworks, Destructive Devices and Explosives
  • Government and Transit Badges, Uniforms, IDs, Documents and Licenses
  • Hazardous Materials including but not limited to radioactive, toxic and explosive materials
  • Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records & Personal Information
  • Illegal Drugs, controlled substances, substances and items used to manufacture controlled substances and drugs, & drug paraphernalia
  • Illegal items and services, and items which encourage or facilitate illegal activity
  • Illegal telecommunication and electronics equipment such as access cards, password sniffers, radar scanners, traffic signal control devices or cable descrambler
  • Items issued to any Armed Force that have not been disposed of in accordance with that country's demilitarization policies
  • Ivory, rhino horn or any animal parts or hunting trophies listed in the CITES 1 guidelines
  • Lock-picking devices
  • Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries and Slot Machines
  • Material that infringes copyright, including but not limited to software or other digital goods which you are not authorized to sell
  • Material, pictures and images that are obscene, pornographic, adult in nature, contain nudity or are harmful to minors
  • Offensive material
  • Personal information or mailing lists. We do not accept the sale of bulk email, Internet Protocol (IP), Instant Messenger (IM), or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information. Any tools or software designed predominantly to send unsolicited commercial messages (UCE or "spam") are also not permitted.
  • Personal relationships and prohibited services
  • Pesticides or hazardous materials
  • Plants and insects that are restricted or regulated
  • Police-related items
  • Prescription or Non-prescription drugs and devices, drugs that make false or misleading treatment claims, or treatment claims that require therapeutic goods administration "TGA" approval
  • Real estate
  • Recalled items, banned products or products that do not meet the mandatory product safety standards (for items recalled in Australia and information on product safety bans and mandatory standards, please visit: www.productsafety.gov.au).
  • Stocks and other securities including Bitcoins and related mining equipment
  • Stolen property
  • Tobacco products and related items, including e-cigarettes
  • Used cosmetics
  • Used or rebuilt batteries or batteries containing mercury
  • Votes in elections administered by the Australian Electoral Commission or state-based Electoral Commission
  • Weapons and related items (including, but not limited to firearms, firearm accessories, parts and magazines, ammunition, paintball guns, gel blaster guns, BB and pellet guns, spearguns, tear gas, tasers, stun guns, switchblade knives, martial arts weapons, archery and/or bow and arrow equipment)

Buyer Questions

I can’t find the product that I want to buy on the EnterOffer Marketplace!
If you can’t find a product that you want to buy on our Marketplace, or if you can find the product but the price is too high, feel free to create your own BuyOffer. Simply head to https://market.enteroffer.com/buy and fill in all the details to find the product you want at the price you can afford.

How do I pay for my products?

When you place a BuyOffer, EnterOffer will take the funds that you nominate from your card as a pre-authorisation. Once you confirm that you’ve received the product from the seller, then we pass on the funds on to the seller.

What condition will my items come in?

When creating a SellOffer, sellers are required to provide detailed comments and images regarding the condition of the items. Be sure to check carefully whether the products you’re buying are in new or used condition (and if they’re used, be sure to check the description for any defects).

What if my item is delivered and doesn’t look the same as it did online?

If your item is not as described, you have three days from receiving it to contact EnterOffer on hello@enteroffer.com. If an item isn't received, or it fails to adequately meet the expectations depicted from the sellers comments and images, the product must be returned and you’re entitled to your money back.

Can I verify my items for authenticity?

We are unable to verify the authenticity of your item ourselves, however, sellers are encouraged to include certificates of authenticity or proof of purchase. If you believe an item you received to not be authentic you must contact EnterOffer within 3 business days of receiving the item and action will be taken against the seller by EnterOffer.

Is shipping included in the price?

A product’s listing price is inclusive of shipping, so no need to worry if you’re a buyer, but sellers should be sure to factor in costs for shipping within Australia for their SellOffer.

Seller Questions

I can’t find the product that I want to sell on the EnterOffer Marketplace!
If you can’t find a product that you want to sell on our Marketplace, or if you can find the product but the price is too low, feel free to create your own SellOffer. Simply head to https://market.enteroffer.com/sell and fill in all the details to find buyers who want your product at a price you’re willing and able to sell.

How do I collect the proceeds of my sale?

When a BuyOffer is made on any product, EnterOffer will take the value of that offer from the buyer’s credit card as a pre-authorisaiton. Once the purchase is finalised and the buyer confirms that they have received their products, the funds are released by EnterOffer to the seller.

Do I have to pay any fees for use of the Marketplace?

Sellers are charged 8% of the sale price once a product is sold on the Marketplace, however, there are no ongoing or monthly fees – we only take a cut once you’ve been paid.

Can I sell spin-off or fake versions of an authentic product?

No. EnterOffer does not accept non-authentic products and reasonable action will be taken against accounts violating this strict policy.

Can I open multiple accounts or share my account with someone on the Marketplace?

No. Sellers may not open multiple accounts and may not share their accounts with others. If this is suspected, your account will be suspended.