EnterOffer Marketplace - How it works

How it works

Buy & Sell Preloved Designer Products

We group listings of the same product on the same page. This means one page for you to buy, bid, sell, and follow your favourite products.


When you make a purchase through EnterOffer, your payment is held in an escrow account. This means we hold your payment until after you have received your order, so you can be sure that what you paid for is what was advertised. Payment is released to the seller 3 business days after delivery if no dispute is made by you.

EnterOffer can financially guarantee the authenticity of a wide range of products. If a product has a next to it, it means that it will first be sent to our office before it is sent to you. At our office we will certify its authenticity using Entrupy and then ship it to you. An Entrupy certificate provides you with a 12 month financial guarantee on the amount spent to acquire the product if it turns out to be a counterfeit.


Enter an offer on any product on our marketplace! We require payment details to be submitted with all bids to ensure they are genuine. If a seller wants to accept your bid, you will hear from EnterOffer by email and we will only charge you once you give us confirmation you wish to proceed with the order.


List a product you want to sell. You can either wait for someone to buy at your listed price or you always have the option to take the highest bid at any time. Once matched with a buyer you will receive their shipping details. You must ship within 3 business days and provide EnterOffer with a tracking number. EnterOffer deposits the payout into your bank account 3 business days after delivery to the buyer.


Follow products to receive updates on opportunities to buy and sell. We will let you know when products you follow have a new buyer or a new seller.


EnterOffer secures card information using AES-256 encryption provided by Stripe. Some of Stripe's customers include Airtasker, Deliveroo, Zoom, Slack, and Amazon. User information is protected by Google Cloud.


EnterOffer protects buyer and seller by holding funds in an escrow account. If the item received does not match seller description or images, or is a suspected fake, the buyer may lodge a dispute with the seller through EnterOffer. This can only be done within 3 days of item delivery.

Seller fees


Selling price must include shipping.

Buyer fees


Seller price includes shipping. The price you agree to is the final price you pay.

Common FAQs

How will I know if someone wants to buy my product?

All important information like this will be communicated to you by email.

What happens if I don’t ship within 3 business days?

EnterOffer will flag your account. If it happens again without reasonable excuse at EnterOffer’s discretion, or you don’t send at all, EnterOffer will suspend your account or disable it completely.

What happens if I suspect I have received a counterfeit?

EnterOffer has zero tolerance for counterfeit products and investigates all claims seriously. For products without Entrupy authentication, you have 3 business days from delivery of the product to open a dispute with the seller by emailing hello@enteroffer.com

Products with Entrupy authentication can be returned to EnterOffer under a counterfeit claim during the time that the Entrupy certificate is valid. You must return the product to us and we will take the claim to Entrupy for you.