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How it works


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Free authentication on all purchases.
Buy now or enter an offer.


Buy now or enter an offer

Buy now and guarantee your ownership of the product. The seller ships to EnterOffer within 5 business days, where we authenticate before releasing your funds to the seller, and shipping the product to you.

Or enter an offer with an expiry date, and if the seller accepts, the order will process immediately.

We'll let you know about price changes and product availability

Just follow products like you follow social media profiles. Listings for the same product are all posted to the same page.

No more back and forth messages.

Have a question? Need more photos? Just comment on the listing.

Price too high? Just click the enter an offer button.


Authentication on every purchase

We use machine learning to achieve a 99.1% rate on the authenticity of products sold on our platform. If we say it is real then we'll provide you with a 12 month financial guarantee of this verdict on the purchase price of the product.

Secure Payment

EnterOffer secures card information using AES-256 encryption provided by Stripe. Some of Stripe's customers include Airtasker, Deliveroo, Zoom, Slack, and Amazon.


Buyer details like shipping address are never released to the seller. Instead the seller ships to EnterOffer, where we hold payment from the buyer until we have received and authenticated the purchased product as real and matching advertised photos and description.

If the product passes our assessment, EnterOffer will take on the liability of any buyer disputes and release funds to the seller.


Processed in Sydney

No more long international shipping times. We are your trusted local authenticator.

Reach more people

When you list a product with EnterOffer we push it to your followers as well as everyone following the product.